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Common purchase queries answered


Renewed Dubai will provide you sense of security with your purchase. Our main objective is to make our customers pleased and delighted with their purchases, that is why we offer Quality, warranty, and quick returns.

  • QUALITY: Our qualified professionals do extensive quality tests on each product.

  • WARRANTY: Most items are covered by a 3 to 6 month warranty.

  • RETURNS: A simple and quick way to return your item.

Your order should arrived within 1 to 2 business days.

It’s that easy! To get started, go to the sign up account page and follow the instructions.

You may change your shipping address at any moment by going to the edit option in this section.

You may check your shipment’s status in the area directly above the search bar section.

Due of the cash on delivery method, Renewed Dubai does not save your credit card details.

Because sales tax is already included in the item price, Renewed Dubai does not charge any additional sales tax.

According to our policy, your items shall be received in one package

If you need to swap an item

Returns and Exchanges

The customer has the option of inspecting the product during delivery, confirming the item, or returning it immediately. In addition, if the consumer decides to return the product after using it, the return policy will be applied.

For more information, please see our return policy page.

Renewed Dubai has made it very easy for their customers to check their product during the delivery. After validating the product, they can either keep it or return it immediately after inspecting.

Renewed Dubai is fully responsible for their items.

You can either send us all of your questions via the email or phone us at +971 54 304 5228.

You can either fill out an inquiry form on contact us page or send us all of your questions via the email at You can also phone us at +971 54 304 5228

Customers can make changes to their shipping details at any time.

Customers can quickly make changes to their input information.

Certainly, it possible to pre-order a sold-out item.

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