Warranty Policy

After you acquire a product, Renewed Dubai warranty policy ensures that you are covered in the event of defects in material or design. A six months warranty will be provided for qualified items purchased for all buyers within the UAE on chosen products, Under the following rules.

  • The pick-up and delivery addresses for the claimed item will be registered at the address supplied during the Warranty claim request and can’t be changed.
  • Authorized service centers will perform warranty repairs.
  • To receive warranty services, the original invoice is necessary to verify the serial number and authenticate the warranty duration.
  • From the time the product is picked up until it is dispatched in the logistical assistance scenarios, the warranty repair term is twenty-one (21) working days for the units covered under the warranty.
  • The warranty period will not be extended or renewed if the product is repaired or replaced under the conditions of this warranty. The terms of your device’s warranty are determined by the manufacturer.
  • If your item can’t be fixed but is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, we’ll send you a replacement or a complete refund if one isn’t available.
  • To avoid damage during transit, the client must ensure that the item is packed in its original box or securely wrapped. If the packaging is not done properly and the item is damaged, Renewed Dubai will not be held liable and the item will be returned to the client without being serviced.
  • Some service centers’ policies may apply to warranty claims, requiring you to pay a fee for an item that is out of warranty and for which you have rejected the repair price.

Service Policy

  • Customers are responsible for their personal data and information on devices, and it is recommended that they back up their data, turn off FMI, and remove the lock/password before servicing the device.
  • The time spent obtaining device information or obtaining customer consent is not included in the repair process Turn around Time.
  • By submitting your item for repair, you agree that we and the repairer may use your contact information in this manner only as needed for the repair service.
  • The customer attests to the accuracy of all information submitted during the warranty claim.
  • To use the device, the client should remove the screen protectors.

The warranty will not be honoured if the following criteria are met:

  1. The defect or damage is caused by the customer’s misuse and failure to follow the directions for usage.
  2. Spilled liquid on the product.
  3. Unauthorized repairs have been made to the product.

Delivery Policy

  1. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the item is packed in its original box and securely wrapped. Renewed Dubai is not liable for any losses or damages that may occur during shipping.
  2. During the pickup, the consumer must provide the merchandise and its accessories to the courier firm (electronic devices may include but not limited to, earphones, battery, and charge carrier).

Warranty Providers

Renewed Dubai solely accepts the responsibility of warranty policy for the refurbished and renewed products and no manufacturer warranty applies to the product as mentioned above.

In order to ensure the greatest level of service, Renewed Dubai offers its own warranty on Smartphones.

Only devices purchased in the United Arab Emirates are covered by the warranty. Replacement and repaired products or parts will be dispatched only to addresses within the UAE, and refunds will be paid only to accounts within the UAE.

If the customer refuses to accept the product after the warranty claim has been processed, the product will be held at Renewed Dubai Office for a maximum of one month, after which the customer will no longer be allowed to request a return.

For more details you may contact me via the following:

Email: admin@reneweddubai.com

Contact: +971 54 304 5228