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Features & Compatibility

  • Is Your MacBook Pro Screen Cracked? Signs You Need a Replacement

    • Discuss common signs of a damaged MacBook Pro screen, like cracks, dead pixels, discoloration, or unresponsiveness.
  • Compatible with Your MacBook Pro: A1706, A1708 Retina (EMC 3071, 3163, 3164)

    • Clearly state the specific MacBook Pro models this screen assembly is compatible with.
  • DIY Screen Replacement Made Easy

    • Briefly explain the benefits of DIY screen replacement, such as cost savings and convenience.
    • Consider offering a link to a helpful “how-to” guide or video tutorial (if available).
  • High-Quality LCD LED Screen Assembly

    • Highlight the quality of the replacement screen, including features like resolution and color accuracy.
  • Fast Shipping and Expert Support

    • Emphasize your fast shipping options and the availability of expert support should customers have any questions during the replacement process.
  • Order Your MacBook Pro Screen Replacement Today!

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 10 cm

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